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– Removable media.
– Components and hardware of the basic computers and accessories necessary for them.
– Software responsible for resource management and working on tuning operations for the various units configured for the computer and the units attached thereto.
– Installation and supply of CCTV devices and general control systems.
– Installation, operation and maintenance of some security devices.
– Supply, installation and application of financial and administrative systems and methods of dealing with them.
– POS systems and peripherals.
– Multi function printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, label printers, cards and printers charts and billing printers and business reports.
– Providing network security and specialized applications to monitor and fight viruses and malware detection and removal.
– Selling, buying and maintaining smart phones, tablets and accessories.
– Supply of desktop publishing software, engineering design software, graphics editing software and more.
– Entry and exit devices with magnetic cards and dynamic footprint.